Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 37 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 253 - Mexican Hats

All my pictures from this week's challenge were taken "on assignment" as it were. That includes the Mexican hat flowers growing along the shoulder of the main road in Angel Fire. Some are more obvious as they include subjects like bicycles on the Enchanted Circle Century Bike Tour. I think I discovered the advantage of just setting up on the side of a road and taking pictures of the strange and unusual that passes by like the old pickup below with a load of firewood, chain saw, spare tire and dog.

Day 254 - Gathering Fire Wood

And sitting at the same spot army trucks passed by like the one below in a small convoy. This one was not the average army green (olive drab). I guess this paint job is for our desert wars. The lilac is from my playing around with color intensities.

Day 255 - Convoy Truck

Day 256 - Cyclists

This is another picture from the Enchanted Circle Century Bike Tour. The cyclists are very brightly clothed but I wanted to see the repetition of the wheels and spokes and legs and that is easier in black and white. I also liked the headless leads in this one. The temptation (maybe even directive) with news photography is to include as much as possible. Editing is the function of the editor. It was nice to frame down to the essentials which is wheels.

Day 257 - Eagle Nest Shop

Eagle Nest, featured in the photo above and the one at the end of this blog, is a town I all too often just pass through or gets reduced down to the thrift shop and the hamburger joint. Photographers will travel miles to get photos of cranes migrating but miss the opportunities in their own neighborhoods sometimes. Who knew this sleepy fishing village at the edge of Eagle Nest Lake could be so colorful.

Day 258 - Rolling through Angel Fire

It was really clear to me when I was taking this photo of cyclists going down the main drag in Angel Fire that my nearest community is not as together as Eagle Nest. And yet Angel Fire is supposedly the bigger tourist attraction and more upscale destination with its ski and golf resort. I tilted the photo to eliminate some really tacky business facades and more telephone lines and poles.

Day 259

Eagle Nest has side walks and boardwalks and empty buildings like every small town these days. The reflections in the windows of empty buildings is a mega draw from me. My reflection is in the right window.

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