Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 35 - 2014 in Images

Day 239 - Hollyhock and the Bee

Another busy week of everything but photography. That is one of the reasons I do the 365 Day Challenge. I makes it impossible to ignore my camera for more than a couple of days. This last week I did have the camera out more than once but for "work" things. I took photographs of the new Artists Guild of Northern New Mexico exhibit at the Visitors Center of Angel Fire on Thursday. Then on Saturday I recorded the guilds participation at Arts About Town.

Artistic photography took a back seat. There is a difference between being a photographer and being an artist that works in the medium of photography. Most of this week's photos fall in the latter category.

Day 240 - My Own Kind of Hat

But I would put the cloudscape below in in just photography. And maybe just in recording the world around me photography. A snap as it were.

Day 241 - Afternoon Light

The photo below was from an exercise I did and blogged about here. I had picked the color green. But I loved the spray of leaves in the light and had to sit down to the computer and digitally play with the subject. Painting in pixels.

Day 242 - Basking in the Light

Bee in the Borage was another photo I took for the green exercise and did not use in the blog about that exercise. It is probably just a snap too. My Borage in my herb bed. Garden snap with nice composition.

Day 243 - Bee in the Borage

And the photo below was playing around with one of the photos I took for the exercise on shape - circle. And digitally playing with this photo was an exercise for me.

Day 244 - Boiling Eggs

Opened and closed with hats. I like the black and white treatment of this subject. It brings out the shadows on the hats and reduces the element of the coats by taking the color away from them. It is about time to completely clean out my entry way. I may take all the coats and hats off and just put up the hats for another picture.

Day 245 - Hat Line Up

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