Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 39 - 2014 in Images

Day 267

And so goodbye September. And a great month it was for photography. Seven photos here. Thirty showcased for the month, and hundreds more taken. I was out and about with camera to beyond Cimarron for the buffalo and the Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge. And I could fill pages with just hollyhock pictures.

But I begin this week with a still life in black and white. I love the patterns and textures in this only indoor shot of the week, and the detail like the lid of the pot not totally on right. And it was the details and patterns in juxtaposition with the female blue bird which made me like the shot below. You can even see the dew on the metal fence.

Day 268

It was all in the details this week. The hollyhock below would be just another flower photograph if not for the visiting honey bee. And the red hollyhock is set off by the texture of the adobe wall behind it.

Day 269

Day 270

And my favorite buffalo picture of the week was this grouping of two cows seemingly engrossed in eating but bracketing the precious calf who seems all too interested in the photographers at the fence. Because of that grouping Day 271 was more than just another buffalo picture.

Day 271

And Day 272 was more than just another photograph of a red tailed hawk on a telephone pole. It was two hawks on the same telephone pole. They seemed to be whispering secrets. And I frankly like the telephone pole they picked.

Day 272

Because of the rains the dried up stock ponds and pools in the Maxwell park had water and reflections. I took a lot of pictures of my favorite subject that day but this one delighted me most because of the details - the distant ranch house, the small flock of ducks on the water, and the blossoming clouds.

Day 273

September was a great photographic month. But I am looking forward to October and the colors of the aspens already beginning to turn.

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