Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 40 - 2014 in Photographs

Day 274

Was on my way to Albuquerque to pick a friend up returning from Florida when I should have been posting this weekly blog. The camera went with me and I got some great pictures of a forest fire upon my return. I also stopped in at Kurt's Camera Corral while there and got a UV filter and new lens cap for my long lens. You can still buy film at Kurt's, now run by his son. I first went to Kurt's with my father when I was in high school. And during college I was there a lot. It is just up the street from UNM.

Day 275

Photographically it has been a mixed week.I have photographed the great sculpture in the opening photo before. Not sure it is the sculpture which draws me or the light through the leaves of the plant behind it. Great combination of lines and textures.

 Still catching up with the volume of photographs taken in the two weeks before so more hollyhocks. I probably could fill a gallery with hollyhock prints.  And yes, I have been taking aspen photos but saving them for a blog of their own. There is a grove of aspens visible in the Day 278 entry. I am posting some regularly on Binford's Back Country Photography page for those that cannot wait for the best of the season in colors.

Day 276

Took pictures of this fountain before when it had water in it. It is that time of year here when everyone is winterizing and each day could be the last for the flowers those that are still blooming look so brave and a bit foolhardy.

Day 277

The photo below was of the second snow on our tallest mountain. It was showcased over the first snow because it had clouds in the sky and I captured it with my big zoom. The snow was gone in a couple hours of sunshine on the south side of the peaks, but it was a good reminder it was time to roll up the hoses.

Day 278

The indoor flowers are doing wonderfully. Windy fall days it is nice to escape to a warm green house. The sun through the glass is so welcoming.

Day 279

This is another view of the snow capped mountain above. Snow all gone for the moment. But this time of the year it will be back no doubt in spades. This is the Lonesome Dove view from down in Black Lake, just past my studio and home.

Day 280
Have a great autumn week.

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