Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 41 - 2014 in Images

Day 281
Fall Begins

It is a very colorful time of the year here in New Mexico and my bow to that time is this solitary tree. And one of aspens in reflection below. I am going to do a blog just on the aspens and soon, but this week three of my posts for the 365 day challenge were in black and white. There is a challenge going around on Facebook of posting five days of black and white photos. It got me thinking out of the box. I have even done aspens in black and white and posted on Binford-Bell Studio.

Day 285
Fall Reflections

And then there was this prescribed burn a but out of control across the Taos Volcanic plateau which I captured when I returned from Albuquerque. Burning in the Carson behind a ridge of volcanoes it looked a but like an eruption.

Day 282

The fire added a layer of smoke which sunk into the gorge offering an unique perspective on this landmark. Even though I posted this later in the week I am posting it here because the pictures were taken in the same few minutes. Stopped for the dramatic smoke photo but remembered to turn a complete circle and found this beautiful photographic opportunity.

I have photographed this land mark a lot and never been totally satisfied and the haze would have been the perfect excuse to not take the time.

Day 286
The Gorge

I have taken and posted lots of hollyhock pictures this year. They and poppies are my favorite flowers and they all performed well this year. This delicate pink hollyhock with the rain drops in the early morning was a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time.

Day 283
Hollyhock after the Rain

The two remaining posts were returns to Cold Creek and a look at the two falls in black and white. In color these two features were very busy. The black and white treatment brings out the textures better on the big fall below.

Day 284
Big Falls on Clear Creek

Not as happy with the result of black and white on the little falls except that it defines the depth better, and makes you want to look further into the image.

Day 287
Little Falls on Clear Creek

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