Thursday, October 30, 2014


Old Friends
 I promised a blog on aspens. Or at least my favorite photos of aspens this year. It was a long and beautiful season and then it was over. I took so many photos and this is just a quick pick of my favorites. It must begin with my old friends in the neighborhood who are always featured in my heart.


I record this little grove again and again in all kids of weather and all stages of their transformation from green to red to barren.


Some of my favorite aspen photographs this year where taken in stormy weather. The dark clouds with the sun peaking through made for great contrast. And the dark clouds made their appearance more than once as the leaves turned. And then fell.

And then there was new territory just when I though Aspen colors were gone.

Buckle Lake Road in Colorado

Purple Mountain in gold

And then sometimes it is just a single tree which sums up the fall season.

Putting on a show


  1. WOW... true beauty here. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us :)


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.