Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 42 - 2014 in Photographs

Day 288
The last couple days of this week I was off on a photography trek with a friend and only the last photo of this blog is reflective of that. Because I often store photos in folders for the coming week I realize I am way ahead of myself. It is difficult to do this blog about the past week without thinking of the photos I will be posting in the week ahead.

Day 289
Aspens this time of year come in two categories - going, and gone. But gone shows their wonderful structure and often against unsettled skies.

Day 290
You have to love the juxtaposition. And noisy skies make for great black and white compositions.

Day 291

And reflections are best in the waning days of fall whether they are in ponds or puddles or glass.

Day 292
Even distant ponds have their slice of reflection.

Day 293

And you never quite know where you will find that splash of color on the hillside or a building or the end days of flowers.

Day 294

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