Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cottonwoods and Others

Cottonwoods at Aztec Ruins

Aspens get all the credit as far as New Mexico tourism is concerned. But the cottonwoods were grand this year. And they had the extra boost of being along full rivers because of rains. The reflections of the colors doubled their impact.

Reflections on the Rio Grande

The Chama River through Abiquiu

Chama River from Highway Overlook

Just the top of a huge Cottonwood

The wet summer and fall allowed a lot native plants to get into the fall dress up contest. Below is the most glorious salt bush I have ever seen.

Salt Bush

The banks of rivers are host to any number of willows scrub oak, native grasses and other plants which get into the spirit of fall even on a fogging morning on the San Juan River

Waterfall on the San Juan

Above the Hot Springs in Pagosa

Let's hope for a wet winter and summer and a 2015 fall every bit as glorious as this one was.

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