Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 44 - 2014 in Images

Day 302
Trek through the Badlands

This week's photos come mostly from my road trip with photographer Terry Atkin Rowe. There are more pictures which need to be post processed so in the week to come there will be more of our trek through northeastern New Mexico. I came home from my days away from the studio with a desire to paint. And paint I have.

And it became clear the beautiful days of October could not last forever. There were things outside which must be done before winter closes in. The darkroom, dry or not, is for inclement weather.

Day 303
Slip Sliding Away

In addition to new subjects the photography road trip presents you with the desire (and time) to see things in different ways. The 365 day photography challenge gets you out with the camera and often it is brought back home with no new images. That is the camera going along on another mission like a trip to a store. But when the camera is the sole reason (or at least a primary one) for the mission you spend more time with your subjects. I do not want to tell you how many photographs I have of those four rocks above.

I wanted a picture of those rocks which showed how strange they looked in their environment, and rather out of place. The ultimate solution was to twist the camera.

Day 304

And in Aztec, New Mexico just outside of the Aztec Ruins National park the city was revamping a city park complete with new pedestrian  bridge across the Animas River. Nice bridge but it was the underside which defined for me its form.

Day 305
Monster in Stone

This sandstone monster in the Aztec Arches area was captivating. I have lots of pictures of him too from lots of angles. This one makes it look like he is sadly offering me a bush.

Day 306

Day 306 is the one photo from this week which was taken on home ground. I was trying to record something very different at the request of a friend and walked around the pond to get a different angle. The light and reflections were too good to pass up. It was one of three quick photos in the midst of a different subject.

The reflections through the midst in the photo below took more exposures but mostly because I was trying to capture the gold fish. I am happy I got the photo but nobody sees the gold fish. Some do not even see the reflections. They just wonder what the structure is. Guess you had to have been there.

Day 307

New Mexico has a lot of Anasazi ruins and so it becomes all about getting them in a different way. I stood around and waited for the sun to come through the clouds and illuminate this group of cottonwoods behind a bank of crumbling walls. I think the wait was worth it.

Day 308

The camera has been basically taking pictures of progress on two paintings this week. That is supposedly its primary function. Painters have to be able to take pictures of their work for portfolios and in this day of internet marketing to entice buyers to their sites. I sell photographs too. And this last week I worked at setting a FineArtAmerica Artists Website up. I invite you to visit. And if there is a photograph here on my blog (and any of the previous blogs) which you would like just let me know in a comment and I will post it to FineArtAmerica so you can purchase it in the size you wish.

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