Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 46 - 2014 in Images

Day 316

I am not sure just exactly why Big Blue does reflections so well. It is not a new truck and I do not run it through the car wash hardly ever. I have taken more pictures of this vehicle than any of my others and it is basically because it poses so well with awesome reflections not merely on the windows but the car body as well. It is a great digital canvas.

Day 317 - Memories of a Glorious Fall

Fall this year seemed to go on forever. We had lots of moisture before it began and no big storms to ruin the leaves once they began to turn. And I traveled enough and at just the right times that I got to catch it again and again. This picture got lost among the many others I took on an outing to Las Vegas. It was taken in La Cuevo where I pick raspberries in season.

Day 318 - Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas

The trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico generated lots of interesting photographs which got forgotten in their folder due to life. It has been a really busy fall and I find myself looking forward to a slower paced winter. Though that may be wishful thinking. I want to do another day trip to Las Vegas. A cloudy day would be nice. Only photographers can complain about a beautiful fall day with clear blue skies. I like, however how the blue of the windows and the details on the restored Plaza Hotel are a perfect match to the sky in this photograph.

Day 319

Down below was an antique shop. Up above was obviously not restored. I often dream of living above the shop as it were. It would have a building such as this built before shop owners moved to the suburbs. This one was on National Street in Las Vegas, NM.

Day 320 - the Cafe
Buildings on both sides were restored and occupied. Obviously much more to do with this gem but first the temporary political headquarters has to go. Martinez was re-elected to the horror of a lot of New Mexico women who clearly did not vote. BTW she would be totally against the renewal going on in downtown Las Vegas. Hopefully that does not stop progress.

Day 321 - Big Blue posing again

The building reflected in the windows is in Las Vegas and just next door to the fabulously restored Plaza Hotel. Somehow I cannot imagine progress allowing this building to not be repurposed. At one time the downtown plaza area was quite derelict but the number of occupied and restored buildings is going up.

Day 322
This old building on National was occupied bottom and top. The plants loved it. But restoring it is obviously a work in progress. The building to its right was under restoration. I was down for an artists studio and gallery tour and several of the participants were in this area. I would love to go back with some money and purchase a few things to encourage those resettling these old buildings.

For Sale - Bonus photo

I stood in front of this building for some time. It is almost directly across from the Plaza which is partially reflected in its windows. Someone has done a lot of work on it. And it is for sale. If only I was younger and rich.

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