Monday, November 17, 2014

Creative Play with Trucks

Big Red One

I love old trucks. They are such fun to find and photograph and also a lot of fun to play with in the dry darkroom. After this last snow storm the trucks seemed all that much shinier and brighter. And there is the ice and glass and paint combination.

Big Blue One

Add in reflections in glass and rear view mirrors and it makes for a really fun photo shoot. I loved the way this photo of Big Blue's rear view mirror was great way to show the trees in the snow.

Rear View

Big Red Two

This red truck has been featured a lot in my photos. But I liked it particularly with the snow and ice cycles.  It is a trusted ranch vehicle but if photograph one is any indication it is have not the best of days. Cold weather can be rough but that is what pickups are designed for.

Ice Lashes on Big Blue

There is nothing so beautiful as a much loved old truck when it makes it through the storm.

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