Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 7 - 2015 in Images

Day 43
A winter spring like day in Las Vegas, NM

I did not set out to make this week about structures - fixed and rolling - but that is the way it happened. All my photographic field trips were to cities with grand old buildings and great railroad cars. Straight lines and shapes were fun but also all the reflections in windows.

Day 44
Train yard in Santa Fe

Would have loved to traipse to my heart's content around the train yard but it was fenced on the side I approached it. Obviously another trip is in order.

Day 45
Rolling stock

It often takes more than one outing to become familiar with the photographic opportunities available. I took my second trip to Las Vegas, NM plaza. Still want to be down there on a cloudy day. Keep getting awesome blue skies.

Day 46
Reflections of the Plaza

If you are down on the first floor and photographing the second the lines will not be squared up. You can live with that like above or minimize that like the first photo or go for broke and accent the tilt like in the photo below.

Day 47
Looking up

Or just settle for photographing the bottom story of buildings. The photo below is the ground floor but the ground is below that really. I photographed it off center (note the little purple me in the bottom left window). I was quite a distance from the building.

Day 48
Off Plaza in Taos

Standing really close to a building and focusing up is fun. Did that with the building I tilted and this column. Obviously I want to explore strange angles for architectural shots more. So another trip to Las Vegas, Raton on Trinidad is in the offing. Taos does not have any tall structures.

Day 49
Standing Tall

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