Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week Six - 2015 in Images

Day 36

This week ended up being studies in blue. The tone was set by the blue water and ice in the Little Coyote Creek. Five of the pictures of this week were taken on a day outing to the Coyote Creek State Park in search of ice which I found. But areas of open water with their intense blue captured my interest. I could have done a whole seven days of that same blue water but I decided to feature other blues in this week's photos like the grey blue of the snowy mountains near Eagle Nest Lake.

Day 37

The subtle blue of the hills next to the frozen over Eagle Nest Lake with its white blue ice is a major contrast to the intense blue of Coyote Creek edged with the clear ice and white snow.

Day 38

The turquoise blue of a railroad car in Santa Fe attracted me first because of the deep almost purple blue of the roof. I used a filter on it which gave it a watery look like the other pictures in this week review.

Day 39

Day 40

It was such a summery week to be out taking photographs. The sunlight sparkled off of every thing but especially the ice in the process of melting and the water with its patches of thin ice.

Day 41

I fell in love with the textures of ice, water and forming ice. The ice in the last picture is more like the frozen Eagle Nest Lake in photograph two. And the red and gold grasses around the edge of the creek is like the gold interior of the railroad car or the gold on the rock of the first picture.

Day 42

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