Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week Nine - 2015 in Images

Day 57
Back to a miscellaneous week. Looking back over the last couple of weeks and picking out a few treasures that had slipped by me. The first two are from February 13 and the last beautiful week before the snowy weather returned to our state. One of the things I love about New Mexico is that winter is a come and go season.

Day 58

Shadows are an assignment for 2015. A couple years ago I really focused on reflections. And a friend mentioned he was focusing on shadows. I haphazardly began to try and select shadows in my photographs. Shadows, like reflections, come and go. It takes an early morning or late evening with strong light. Day 57 and Day 58 had the qualifying strong light.

Day 59

And then the snows came. For those keeping notes the snow began on February 22 and continued through March 4th. Now and again the sun broke through and presented some week shadows. I took this photograph because of the shadows of the clouds in the snowy field behind the old adobe house. When clouds begin to break up you get the shadows beneath them.

When the cloud cover gets thin you get gentle shadows like those on this pine cuddling an aspen. It gives more definition to the snow balanced on the branches.

Day 60

Below I returned to my love of reflections. The adobe wall and the blue window frames make these reflections look like abstracts in a gallery.

Day 61

The photograph below was one I took between attempts to capture cloud shadows on the unmarked field of snow.

Day 62
Same with the old school house turned antique shop below. The light on the ice cycles and their shadows cast on the wall was a gift. As were the reflections in the panes on the door and upper windows. This was some of the last sun for several days.

As soon as I took this photograph I drove home as the clouds closed in solid above me and the snow began again.

Day 63

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