Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week Ten - 2015 in Photographs

Day 64

Week ten is all about snow. It was a big part of almost two weeks. It snowed almost daily and so snow became a major topic for the week in photography. I love aspens in the snow. And snowy woods and shadows on the snow.

I love how snow reduces everything to a monochromatic essence. Snow also makes for great black and white images. This week was fun to take.

Day 65

Day 65 is probably my all time favorite trees in the snow photo. And the central subject, up close and personal, is proof you do not have the have the top and the bottom in a tree picture.

Day 66

And what exploration of winter with a camera is complete without ice cycles. I tilted the camera because the sliding snow tilted the ice cycles. It became a black and white because I didn't want the background colors to distract from the subject.

Day 67

This particular scene has been featured in a couple photos before. But this one is the first before any tracks got made on this country lane.

Day 68

Snow also simplifies things amazingly. I love this picture of four trees but never took selected it before because without the almost white out snow conditions the background is too complicated. There are other trees and hills and mountain ranges. And I did not make it black and white. The snow and the quality of the light did.

Day 69

Add a little sun breaking through the cloud cover and a snowy day gathers color.  Mostly blue. No post processing required.

Day 70

The only thing you have to work at to capture great pictures on a snow day is walking and driving. And if you fall hold the camera up.

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