Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Mag 285 - Doll House

Forgotten in the barn
Image Provided by The Mag 285

The treasured toy
Abandoned in the chicken coop
With all the other stuff
she once loved
like the dresser she painted pink.

When she left
They removed all the things
which reminded them
of her life
she removed them from mind.

The doll house 
was empty of all the furniture
and the house
where she had lived
just as empty.

The worldly goods
of her family now stood
arranged by strangers on the front lawn.
Estate Sale

J. Binford-Bell
September 2015


  1. Nicely written and a touch poignant...

  2. Lovely and filled with bittersweet nostalgia

  3. I love estate sales. I only buy furniture from them. I like to think its a sort of memory preservation thing. Keeping the heritage of a lifetime tended to and loved.

  4. Just beautiful, and clever to bring in the chicken coop to an an extra visual element to the overall lovely progressive flow.

  5. That the goods should be arranged by strangers is an especially sad description. Pain of loss beautifully described.

  6. So sad.. there is an end to all.. but being evicted is not the best.

  7. Inspired by a true story! Reminds me of my mother putting all my valuables in a church yard sale! I was crushed.

  8. It's sad that we remove someone's memory so quick from our minds, nicely written

    A Small Home


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