Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week 37 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 253
Yes, another sunflower

This week was all abut color. It just seemed to be everywhere. Fall has arrived. It is a shift in the winds. A new freshness to the air. And above all a clarity of light. No freezes yet. The days are still wonderful with a sweater in the mornings and evenings. Great to be out an about with a camera or a mower.

Day 254
Even the air seemed to be yellow

The grasses are getting gold  and there is just a hint of what the aspens will become soon. And the yellow of flowers just everywhere.

Day 255

And the sunsets are more brilliant. Or so it seems. The photo above was not even facing west where the sun sets. But all the clouds to the south and east caught the red and orange of the setting sun.

Day 256

I love umbrellas. Especially colorful ones. This picture of three of them on the deck in a shop area in Angel fire was impossible to resist. And the straw flower below looks like a mini version of colorful umbrella. Or are they copying the flowers? We have had an awesome wild flower summer but the last few blooming have caught my attention more. Maybe because they have no competition.

Day 257

Since we are talking fall I thought I would throw in an early aspen photograph. You can see the yellow grasses and the hint of gold in the background aspens. No gold on the major subject but the leaves have taken on that color just before they will turn gold.

Day 258
There was a crooked tree

And to cap the week off another sunflower. This one was a volunteer from the winter bird seeds. And a bee posed right in the middle almost as if basking in the sun it reflects.

Day 259

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