Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake

Magpie by Rubens Peale
Visual prompt by Magpie Tales: Mag 295

Let them eat cake
if you must,
but never
drink wine.

A drunken magpie
is a silly thing
rolling about
with his inebriated flock.

They will stuff themselves
on fermented
in the cider house.

They know no restraint
on cake or wine,
but after cake
they can still fly.

Feed them cake 
if you must,
but withhold hard cider
and leave no rotten apples about.

J. Binford-Bell
November 2015


  1. Perfect!! Love the visual of drunk Magpies partying!!! xo

  2. hah! and some relatives need to cautioned also! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Let them eat cake, if you must. Or, qu'ils mangent de la brioche!

  4. I have not yet seen a drunken magpie.. but I can guess what it looks like... I have heard of drunken moose.. and that has to be more of nuisance...

    1. maybe they know what they have to eat...(?)...interesting!

  5. Brilliant! Although 'let them eat cake' is attributed to Marie Antoinette, there is no proof she said it!! But you have said it here and I just love what you did with this. I'd love to see a drunk magpie. Which bird would give it the breathalyzer? An old crow? (Having just seen the Mag, I am stumped!)

  6. A very beautiful writeup. Nice use of words.

  7. A lovely write .. I've actually heard of birds who get "high" on fermented fruit and I've been told it's not a happy sight. Thanks for the warning btw, I definitely won't give wine to the magpie. Bastet


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