Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week 44 - 2015 in photographs

Day 304

 I will begin and end this week's review of photographs with Old Mike. Most everyone thinks it is Wheeler Peak but in truth Wheeler is not visible from Angel Fire. It hides behind Old Mike. I was complaining in a board meeting recently that I was tired of Wheeler Peak being featured in every logo and banner in town, especially since you cannot see it in town. You have to drive toward Eagle Nest for it to be visible.

That said I have taken a lot of photographs of both mountains, probably more Old Mike, because of perspective. And because it is true of all familiar objects photographers photograph I am always looking for the perfect, but different, take on the subject. I particularly like the lead photograph because of shroud of clouds. And if I am correct you can actually see a tip of Wheeler in this shot. It is at the left between the two bigger mountain tops.

Day 305

Another look at an oft photographed subject, the full moon. Before the ducks resting on the pond flew off it had a very distinct outline. But the ripples altered the reflection. I particularly like the wavy aspen trunks in this photograph.

Speaking of a different view of a familiar object Day 302 is definitely that. I was even asked what it was. It is a Christmas tree stand on a wood pile.

Day 302

And below is another reflection, but on a different pond, and in black and white. The "horizon" or shore line is at the classic 1/3 position unlike the other reflection which does not have the shore line included. I like this composition partly because of the rocks which are reflected to accent the division.

Day 303

Day 306 taken the same morning as 305 is a more classic full moon photograph. I say morning because I have discovered after many failures it is easier to take a full moon shot in the morning. More light. The moon rises when the sun sets but I live in a valley between two ridges of mountains and the sunsets earlier and the moon rises later. More light means more definition of the surface of the moon without setting up a tripod. And I was able to catch two early birds in flight.

Day 306

Day 307 is a new take on an old subject, fall colors. Got this wind battered last gold leaf on an aspen tree before it fell.

Day 307

And I close the week with another look at Old Mike. There is still some gold in the foot hills, and rising fog wraps it loosely. I think it gives it more depth than a totally clear day.

Day 308

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