Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 48 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 335

 This week's posts are about snow and ice and frost. Next week will be all about trees in this winter weather.
As the year comes to a close I remembered I had promised a theme week now and then through the year. There have been a few but not as many as I had imagined. Maybe I will do better with that next year.

I am a landscape photographer living in the home of wondrous landscapes so focusing on the details has to be a deliberate aim. And I am definitely not a tripod photographer. My long lens does the best close ups oddly. Try not shaking when the temp is in the tens.

Day 330

But I really love this time of the year. The lakes are waxing and waning ice. The air and water crystal clear. And the snow provides less cluttered backgrounds.

Day 333

 The surface of the pond above was like glass until a breeze shivered the surface. It made for a better photograph. Below is the same pond from the opposite side. The stream coming in keeps the ice away. Love the details in this closeup. Essential photographic equipment, a good pair of snow boots. And more into winter the snowshoes come out.

Day 332

Day 331

 I have photographed these rolls of barbed wire before. But the remnants of snow and the light made this photo better than the others.

Day 334
 The patterns of ice formations and clear water was what I focusing on as I walked around the pond. The perspective of the hill made them more obvious. And the aspens framed the shot. It is one of my favorite photos of this particular shoot.

Day 336

And there is, of course, the required photograph of aspen trunks in black and white. I think the light made this one more special than most. I love aspen trunks. Maybe even more than I love the aspens in the fall with their glorious crowns. Still seeking the penultimate one.

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  1. Beautiful winter views here! And I love your painting Glorious in the side bar. Always happy to meet another artist:)


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