Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 51 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 351
 This is a just the details collection of photographs. Yes, you can get tired of taking scenic landscapes and need a break. Plants or portions of plants figure highly. And while photo 351 looks like a pot the picture is really about the crack.

Day 352

Day 352 is reflected light on a stucco wall in a green house. It seemed to have a plant like feel too it. But it was a green house without the banana leaves featured below.

Day 353
 I love banana leaves. Especially with droplets of water on them. Such interesting textures and patterns.

Day 354

Day 355
 And as the new leaves unroll they can become sculptures in their own right.

Day 356

Sword plants are a very different leaf but they cast some very delicate shadows against textured stucco walls.

Day 357

Stucco walls provide wonderful texture. In fact they are a key element of four of this week's photographs.

And on to the last week of the year. And the process of selecting out the best 365 photographs for an end of the year blog. If you have your favorites of this past year please make a comment to help me with my selections.

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