Thursday, August 18, 2016

Week 33 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 225

It has been a busy week. My day job is pet sitting. The camera always goes with me because it is when out and about I often catch a new angle on a subject. This week there were so many pet sitting jobs the camera sometimes just sat in its case on the seat beside me in the truck. Five of this week's photographs were taken in my yard. 

Day 226

The photograph above is one of two I took while running between pet homes. I actually took time out to walk down the hill a bit to get a better angle on the Sangre de Cristo mountains which are the major landmark of our valley.

Day 227

And feeding the hummingbirds has become a three time a day activity. Too bad I am not getting paid to watch after them. Going through ten pounds of sugar a week. I am told the end of August they should be taking off for southern climes but it seems they have stuck around for a lot longer than usual.

Day 228

I could argue that I have to have a garden and a flower bed for photography if nothing else. But to be honest I have not even taken the time to do much of that this year.

Day 229

Always thrilled when an animal poses for me. This chipmunk was very obliging. Actually he was waiting for the jays to leave so he could raid the birdseed. 

Day 230
Clouds are also good at posing.

Day 231

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