Saturday, January 14, 2017

Week Two - 2017 in Photographs

Day Eight
Cimarron River

Next week is going to be more colorful. I promise. But this is not just about my mood. The opening weeks of January are grey. Especially if there is no snow. In the past during this time I have escaped into my studio and focused on still life compositions with reds and golds. This year what I saw is what you get.

The weather was unseasonably warm so even the Cimarron River wasn't frozen. And the roads were passable and the gates open to allow me to penetrate into lands off the main roads.

Day Nine
The Palisades in Cimarron Canyon

The Palisades are probably the most photographed feature in Cimarron Canyon. I often wonder what those with just smart phones come up with. And maybe, in their eye, something better. I, on the other hand, am almost always a bit disappointed in my recording of this imposing cliff face which is never totally in sun due to the narrowness of the canyon.

Day Ten

Day Eleven
Vermejo Park Rank

 Day Eleven breaks a basic black and white photography rule. It does not have a noisy (translate that as busy) sky. There was not a cloud in the incredibly blue sky. But in full color the photograph became about the sky and not the cliff wall which was quite noisy with shadows.

Day Twelve
Vermejo Park Ranch

Day 13
Vermejo Park Ranch

Days 13 and 14 are the true colors of a dry New Mexico January. The lack of significant snows in November and December allow the grasses to remain standing. A wet summer made the grasses particularly nice and in enough abundance the deer and buffalo did not eat them to the ground. But the winds took all the leaves off the trees.

Day 14
Cimarron, New Mexico

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  1. Lovely photographs. I do enjoy your takes. Here it's been a cold winter and these pictures are perfect for the mood of the season.


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