Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week Eight - 2017 in Photographs

Day 50
 This week is about mountains. Even the two pictures of trunks of trees are about mountains. About my mountains. Those which surround where I live. They are on national forest land surrounded by ranches and homes of people who love looking at those mountains. And the air is so clear and clean the view is almost always fantastic. The skies so blue and free of clouds mostly I seek out the cloudy days to record. It is sort of the visual equivalent of man bites dog of which Mark Twain wrote.

Day 51

Day 52
 And that explanation also explains the tree trunks below. I remember key lines from Mark Twain but also sentences from books on photography or art. I have that sort of brain. And this one photography book (I never remember the titles) said you did not have to have the top and bottom of a tree in a photograph. And in fact that could be limiting. So I give you must the bottoms in the next two photographs.

Day 53

Day 54
And except for the very last photograph I have decided it applies to mountains too. Do you need more than just the tops to have it be a photograph of a mountain?

Day 55

Day 56
And so I see this photograph as not so much a photograph of a mountain range as a portrait of a ranch at its base.

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