Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week Five - 2017 in Photographs

Day 29

A friend of mine posted on social media that she was wandering around lost again and I totally understood what she meant by that. Me too. And that really showed up today as I searched for a Day 36 photo to post on Binford-Bell Studio. The folder for the coming week was empty. A quick perusal of my uploaded photo files shows I have fallen really behind on post processing. As much as I would like to believe my art is a stabilizing influence in my life there are times the chaos in the world destabilizes that.

And when the Thursday morning massacre occurred in my little world chaos reigned supreme. It is sad when politics make it unsafe for artists. That said let me apologize for the scattered nature of this week's offerings. And I am not really sure next week will be better. I have to reorder a lot of my life because of Thursday. I was deeply involved with the arts in my neighboring town and that will no longer be the case. Ultimately that will give me more time for art and photography. But I have to divest myself of a lot of groups I supported.

Day 30

Shakespeare said, "First thing we do is kill all the lawyers."

But if you want to make a society soulless first you suppress all the artists. Hilter took it one step further and stole all the art from every country he conquered. In our country you just take away all opportunities to display their art, cut all funding to the arts, and then denounce them as unnecessary. Hell, who needs photographers now that we have iphones? Next they take the internet. They already want to slow it down for all but corporations.

Okay, I will admit to being a bit overly dramatic about now. I have been trumped.

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34

Day 35

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