Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week Ten - 2017 in Photographs

Day 64

As I believe I said in Week Nine's blog I am into trees. In fact I had printed several tree photographs recently. Some on canvas which will be stretched and some on paper to be matted and framed. Five of the latter will be entered into a photographic competition under the Digital Medium - Realism category. That is a bit of a change up for me. I more often enter in the Altered or Enhanced division. The five will be In the Memory of Trees 1 thru 5. With Day 64 and Day 67 two of those five. All are in black and white. Also very unusual for me. But trees in winter just seem to belong in black and white.

Day 65

Not in black and white and not really trees but bushes. I loved the almost liquid quality of the shadows over the snow in this photograph. Debated printing it on canvas but too many photographs and too little money just now. After two years my attached apartment is going to be up for rent again and there are some things I want to do in the line of improvements in it. Time and money as Dad always said.

Day 66

I think Day 66 would make a great shower curtain for a bachelor apartment. Won't fit into my color scheme.

Day 67

Day 68

And I suppose old fences are about trees. Their sacrifice to fence a pasture in the days before metal posts. Day 69 in a tree in the middle of the pasture beyond this fence. It and the tree in Day 70. Both are dead but remain standing. Monuments to the trees which once grew from the stumps.

Day 70

Day 70

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Looks like Winter doesn't want to leave. We're expecting another big blast this week.


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