Saturday, November 15, 2008

One of the new paintings

On A Midnight Clear
12 x 9 Mixed Media on Artist's Canvas

This is one of the paintings I was having problems with. Yes, I have done churches. And I have done churches at night. But I had never done a church with ice and remnants of snow and luminarias. I had decided to do four or five small paintings of churches with a "Christmas" theme for the holiday market here in Angel Fire. And if they turned out good the thought was to do cards for sale.

I finished a total of four church paintings today. This is not my favorite but the first I had done with the Christmas luminarias. Silent Night to the right I like better for its simplicity.

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  1. Well done despite the challenge it presented for you. Speaking of challenges, I'm working on one myself. While trying something new, that seems a tad beyond our technical reach, is some of the most rewarding. Finding we can, indeed, rise to a new level, is Very exciting!


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