Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Revisited Painting

Castle Rock 16 x 20 Mixed Media on Canvas

Finished the painting I was revisiting. I am not sure I am happy about the name of it. The name comes from the real place upon which the painting is based. I still much like the composition of the painting but am still not totally convinced I like it. Though in its defense the first person to see it seemed quite struck by it.

I was in a mood to play when I was working on it. And to that end I experimented with some techniques and colors I have not used before. Do you find it takes a while to integrate a new color into your palette?

I am in the process of switching over totally to Dr. ph Martin's Hydrus liquid watercolors. And I still have some liquid watercolors from another company that has gotten out of the market. These precious few colors I have nursed along have no direct Hydrus equivalent and so I am trying to find the correct mix to achieve the same color or replace it with a color I can be as happy with. With this painting it was raw sienna to replace the Luma burnt orange. It takes some red to do that.

The dark stormy sky was on the original watercolor on paper I was revisiting. It had been introduced on that work to hide a mistake I had made. Watercolor on canvas behaves differently than watercolor on paper and my experience with stormy skies on the former is limited. I feel I need to practice more. Still we all start somewhere and this is an interesting stepping off point. No doubt the composition will be revisited again. Maybe next time in a goddess theme.

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  1. While this one is different, I do like it.
    Those storm clouds rolling in over the cliffs
    while the sun still shines is a great touch.
    Hmmm...Storm Brewing at Castle Rock; Storm Clouds at Castle Rock; Stormy View/Castle Rock.
    I really feel incorporating those thunderheads
    somehow into its title would be a nice touch.


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