Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drove the Jeep Today

I escaped from my icy prison in Black Lake and headed south to visit my sister. She has a Jeep Rubicon and so in addition to shopping and dog training (my two and her one) we have been out off roading in the Manzano Mountains. They got snow too but it has melted into mud in some spots and frozen into icy sheets on north facing slopes making for tons of fun and driving challenges. And Debbie let me drive.

Drove the jeep today!

Over hill, over trail
Through snow
And Mud
Oozing dark mud
And puddles of thick soup.

Free wheeling and no wheeling
Sliding down slopes of snow
I would not wish
To walk
Back from the woods.

This definitely is not my mother's 63
Must be more my father's child
Slipping and sliding
Rock and rolling
Giggling with my sister.

(c) J. Binford-Bell

Every once in a while we need to slip our bonds, traipse over our normal boundaries and explore our inner child to find and renew our creative voice.

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