Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Path

The Path

One by one
They go away
Stay away I find I pray
What made me find them
Good Company
So interesting once but not now?

One by One
They drop behind
Or did they take a different turn
Or I
Why did I once find her
Why did I seek her company?

Little by little
He ceases to call
And we have less and less to chat about
Him I used to love
To whom I was once married
Could I really have been in love?

Bit by bit
My friends are changing
Becoming alien things
That has changed so much
Me that walked away on another path?

One and Two
And stop to buckle my shoe
Move along now I have things to do
of importance
All of which do not include you?

One by one
The come again and go
Talking nonsense that seems to bore
Did I once so raptly listen
Was I as shallow as you?

Why, oh why?
Did I once like you and you and you
Seek out your
Have I grown so far beyond
Or just stopped to let you pass?

By and by
We all do change
Choose our own and different path
Set another
Don't you notice how I stare at you
Wondering why you are still here
on my path.

(c) J. Binford-Bell December 2008

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