Monday, February 23, 2009

Are We There Yet?

This is my newest painting. I don't think it is done yet so I photographed it. I find that when I see the image on my computer screen it allows a distance and objectivity I cannot necessarily achieve with the canvas. This is especially true of my medium to large works. This one, as yet unnamed, is 20 x 24.

This is one of my Goddess series paintings and as such should have a one named title (without the The). Previous ones in the series have been The Journey, The Source, The Passage, The Sentries. I am thinking of Font or Spring.

I experimented with some glazes in this work. All my watercolor friends talk of glazes. I used a white glaze over the canyon walls beyond the central figure to provide distance. I had a watercolor teacher in college that was very fond of the white glaze. And I made greater use of lettering nibs and ink instead of "sharpies" or Pentel pens. It gives a variance of line I find I prefer even if they are more difficult to handle.

I think I would like to approach this subject in a vertical canvas at some date but I have awaiting me an unfinished landscape and two large churches with a paranormal theme. So later. Then of course there is decided whether this one is done.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.