Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Other New Painting

I have this one stored in my portfolio folder under the title Dawn on the Ortiz but rather like Listening to the Clouds better after a poem I posted here before. I posted this one on Chats with Charley too and the finished version of the painting in the blog below is also posted there.

This painting is a bit of a departure for me in subject matter. It is not a church or a visionary canyon but closer to pure landscape of New Mexico. It is visionary only in color and a certain dream like reality. But I rather like it. Am tempted to keep it for myself because of the memories associated with this piece of highway for me.

Today I am beginning work on two far more visionary works: one a church with ghosts and the other a canyon with goddesses and a gecko.


  1. I like this painting very much - long may you make new departures.

  2. Thank you kind sir. While I did this particular painting just for me as it were (as it did not fit my other themes) I do see myself doing more of the landscapes around me that inspire.

    Reaction has been positive thus far.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.