Friday, May 21, 2010

Great Intentions

I have three paintings to finish and six ready to begin. I got the sketches done and transferred Four more canvases stretched and ready to paint on. Then life happened. I frankly cannot paint amid upset so I spent yesterday while packing to review fair applications and the business aspects of the summer fair season instead.

I signed up for Angel Fire Resort's Summer Fest in August. My jeweler friend, Jessica Duke, is doing that. And I will be submitting an application for Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festivals Holiday Show. I don't do as many fairs as my artist friend, Jennifer Caven, but already my 2010 season looks a bit much for me.
  • Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival -- June 19 and 20
  • Angel Fire Artsfest -- July 9, 10 and 11
  • Artistic Vistas and Treasures Grand opening weekend -- July 23, 24 and 25
  • Angel Fire Resort Summer Fest -- August 6, 7 and 8
  • Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festivals Holiday show -- Nov 26, 27 and 28
And, of course, I will have the studio open to the public from June through November. And in support of that I have to get rack cards, and post cards made and more business cards ordered. So the question is: Do I have enough art to sell? Right this moment for the June show I would have to say no. I need the paintings already laid out finished. And I need those and eight more framed.

With a month to go before the first show I would say I had enough time to be more prepared especially if I pull some work out of the two galleries I am in. But, as I said in the opening paragraph, life has a way of thwarting our great intentions. So when I read an article recently about "crowding" your paintings into your booth display I stopped to ponder it for a while.

The theory of the writer was that the major mistake fine artists make at fairs is trying to display all their work at once. The crowding of individual pieces lessens the impact of any one piece and "cheapens" the art. This reminded me of my impression of galleries I have recently visited on Santa Fe's Canyon Road: plenty of wall space around each work. The visitor was definitely not overwhelmed by the display but could consider each piece in its turn.

But you have two or three days at a fair to impress your public and make sales. The drive seems to be to display as much of your work as possible in the 10 x 10 foot space. For my first show this year I am going to risk by not doing that. I intend to showcase a few special pieces, like my triptych, on the back wall and two "flaps" that open to the public. I will cluster more small pieces on the side walls, and store replacement pieces behind the booth to replace those sold or to just refresh the booth appearance with new work.

Given that approach I have enough finished pieces of art now unless sales are back to pre-economic crash days. And some early reports from artist friends says they just might be.

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  1. Busy days ahead aye Jacqs. Sounds like a good plan with the display of your art. Triptych will be the main draw card that way.


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