Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Whole New Dimension

The entire time I was in Utah I found myself wanting the ability to do panoramic images of some of the views. Instead I come home and crop. Up to this trip I had not ever desired the ability to do wide sweeping photos. I figured those I saw were gimmicks printed and framed were gimmicks. And I know there is a way to do them with a tripod and a sequence of shots married in Photoshop. I just never bothered. I am more an aim and shoot sort of person. Besides I photograph for paintings and up to recently painted in classic proportions.

But that shifted with the commission for the 26 x 62 inch painting. It opened a whole new perspective. At the same time I stretched that canvas I stretched on 14 x 46. I have been pondering an idea for it and found two. No, not the image above. That would make three.

Today I have been working on little "cartoons" in the same proportions per my conversion wheel - 4 1/2 by 14. I have two done and I am in love with both. I just called the art supply store to see when they will have the 14" stretcher bars in stock. Tuesday! So in the mean time I must finish the paintings in the studio and enlarge my cartoons to 14 x 46 inch sketches.

I must thank the patron that requested that first "off-size" painting. It has led me in a direction I find quite exciting.  And yes, there is also probably going to be another red sky.

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