Sunday, August 1, 2010

Out Gathering Inspiration

 How Green is My Valley

Art is not just about studio time with paint brush in hand. Or even pencil and sketch book. Art is about seeing and so you have to go outside your studio and look from time to time. Like many artists I have found photography a great way to see my world and record it to bring back into the studio. I am not a plein aire type of painter. The paint dries too fast and I always forget to bring something I desperately need. But I have had my camera handy.

Outside my studio door

On the forest road above my house

At my neighbor's house

Hollyhocks against an adobe wall is very typical of New Mexico. And many artists paint these wonderful showy flowers as part of the composition. Below is a painting I did some years ago.

Back Stairs

And on that note I am out and about again today with my camera.

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