Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poetry Wednesday - A long dark look

I have done a few paintings which have inspired poems. In my random thoughts I consider publishing a small book of poems with art but people seem less impressed with this than do I. Art is an emotional thing from time to time. The painting above was exploring some dark thoughts in an effort to cleanse my mind during a difficult time. This morning as I was editing it on photoshop the words came for the poem.


In the hours between dusk and dawn
I have been taking a long dark look
In the far reaches of my soul
Seeking bright memories among the pain
Looking for hope.
I have been seeking a positive note
Among the funeral dirges
But my vision blurs
With the tears of loss
Mourning the moments.

So very fleeting
Our time together
In the quantum concept of time
Your living like a shooting star
Lighting my life
But briefly.

And now I am left
With all these dark spaces
Filled with endless tears
Next life
You cry for me.

Jacqui Binford-Bell 
August 2010

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