Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poetry Wednesday - something original at last

Oh, How I Hate Them

Oh, how I hate them all
Those beloved men of my past
Who drunk too much of spirits and wine
Who loved scotch
More than me.
Oh, how I loved them all
Dad and John
Bruce and Marc
But they loved Rye and Jack Black
Jim Beam and Absolut
Pinch and Seagram's 7.
They waxed poetic
On a lone shot of tequila
Told the best jokes after two
Claimed loving me madly after three
Oh, how I hated them after four.

Oh, how I loathe these men
Of once brilliant mind
And oh so charming wit
Who failed to see the stupidity
Of just one more for the road.

Oh, why couldn't they see
At some point you come to a crossroads
Loving or drinking
Life over Liquor
The people who love you
Over your Buds at the bar.

Oh, how I loved them all
Loathing what they all became
After too many
Hit me again's

I always loved the dark poets
I should have left them
In books and music
And not taken them to heart and hearth
Oh, how I hated watching them die.

Oh, how I loathed them all
These great loves of my past
May they rest in peace
As alone I cry.
J. Binford-Bell 2010

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