Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Sunday - Mine

The Long Return

The above is the painting for which I did the study that just won second place in the Moreno Valley Arts Council Winter Invitational Exhibit. I had not finished it when the submission deadline rolled around. It isn't easy keeping up with show submissions especially this time of the year. I did include this piece with the five I submitted to the Old Pass Gallery in Raton for their New Mexico Women Artists show in March. I was accepted and now it is narrow the five done to three. Favorites have nothing to do with this process.

It is in part about the gallery or show dynamics. The three pieces will be hung together and so they must be on some level cohesive. I will need to frame the above one as the other two will be framed. I will work on that today.

Another aspect of my choice is what one judge called geo-spacial cultural dynamic. Raton has a different one than I do where I live or where I am inspired. So I am going with the cliff dwellings and three different treatments.

Hidden in the Cliff

Hiding from the Sun
 This new focus on what I would call my more traditional canyon pieces has re-energized my interest in doing a canyon triptych. I worked on my sketch for this work last night. It will be three panels 24 x 8 each.  So what treatment do I give it? Something to ponder while I am making a frame.


  1. Hi Lady J....I really have enjoyed this blog. Believe me, i'm no art critic and I shudder to think of your reaction if you thought I was being the least patronising... but...
    While I have been following your work I now sense you branching out in several new directions while keeping your signature style.
    Keep up the good work....

  2. Thank you, Sir Mutt. I was going to add a paragraph about body of work, and having worked so hard to develop a signature style but decided it was another blog.

    But yes, I think I am now feeling comfortable enough in my style that I can play around with it. And galleries do not see me as being insubstantial.

  3. Your style is terrific - Hiding in the Cliff is definitely different and shows a wonderful imagination, Clever you

  4. Hiding in the cliff is just where I would like to be. Pulled me in. Great work.

  5. I'm no art critic either but Hiding from the Sun is definitely my pick. I love everything about it..

  6. You know you could always take that Chinese writing that was her, paste it to Google and translate!!

  7. Was going to do that and it vanished. I didn't vanish it. I can only assume the writer did


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