Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magpie 52 - A Pause

A pause

Long after she walked past
She thought of it
The little green house
On Bent Street.

Shoved to one side
On a double lot
It had what it's neighbors didn't
A yard with trees.

She found herself circling the block
Looking again at  it stretching back
Bigger than its facade revealed
Seeing at last the For Sale Sign.

She memorized the number to call.
About her little green house
Before hurrying on for her appointment
Pausing not to ponder fate.

J. Binford-Bell


  1. Ooh, I hope her sale went through. How lovely to finally own a much admired property.

  2. I how I adore the little green houses.

  3. Obviously a memorable little house, to make such an impact on sight!

  4. I could certainly live out my life in this little green house!

  5. This is delightful, I can see her making the rounds having fallen in love with the green house which is to be hers.

  6. I think there's a part missing, I don't know, maybe. I like the name Bent Street, makes me think of fate

  7. I hope she got to buy it. I would love to know where your "Bent Street" came from.

  8. In the town of Taos, Doctor, there is a Bent Street. It was not Elm or main. And it is a mix of boutique shops, cafes and here and there a little house.

    I am sorry, Lissa, if it threw you off. I think subconsciously I was going a more bent direction but the poem took off another.

  9. A house with an added bonus! yard.....? I'd have taken the number, too! Fingers crossed....

  10. So charming. I love Bent Street! It fits the piece so well.


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