Sunday, August 28, 2011

Escape in Red

Red Umbrella by Christopher Shay

Escape in Red

A world in Blacks and grays
Street lights robbing the night
If all the subtle colors
The rain taking the warmth.

He stood at the rear entrance
Waiting for the rain to stop
For the gray dawn to take the dark night
For his fear to leave him.

The silence of the hall behind him
Became a weight after the call
His mind painting demons in the dark corners
Of his mind and the alley.

The only umbrella red
Was like a siren or a target
Announcing his red fear
Of the empty alley.

Walking swiftly from the panic of the hall
The sirens in his mind announcing his passage
Hiding his face beneath the red umbrella
Declaring his escape.

August 2011


  1. "...announcing his red fear
    Of the empty alley" ...I love this...

  2. escape from red,
    going for this and that...

    lovely magpie.

  3. very well penned and a nice bit of story how the umbrella mirrors his intentions...

  4. 'like a siren or a target' - wonderful imagery in this piece!

  5. Red umbrealla like a siren -- very true...

  6. Your umbrella is an unexpected symbol.

  7. Apprehension very well rendered. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful, Jacqui. I like the contrasts fot he grays and the red - similar to what I picked up in the photo and worked on in my poem.

  9. I love the red fear........



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