Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Tool Shed

Image provided by Magpie Tales

The Tool Shed

Just out back
But so oft forgotten
Repository of the mysterious
And last looked for.

The tool shed shelters bits and parts
Those tools not much needed
Brushes and rollers
Paints and pans.

Snowshoes and snow shovel
All summer long
Hoes and rakes
Every winter.

Every spring and fall
The great tool exchange
Promises to establish some order
In all tossed in carelessly after last use.

I stand poised with doors open
Wondering what is at the far back buried
And just how much more
I can fit inside.

The tool shed
How did I ever do without it
And wouldn't it be nice 
To have two.

Jacqui Binford-Bell
August 2011

My father once remarked that fish grow to the capacity of their tank. We were great keepers of aquariums. We also love our tools. Genetic trait I think. And as I prepared for fall and winter I once again faced the tool shed issue. I do have two - far and near. And once again promised to put them in some order. It is not that I do not do it from time to time but that the tools inside seem to party hardy when the door is closed.


  1. I remember tool sheds containing living critters ... scary!!!

  2. No snakes in my area. Just the occasional rodent but the cats seem pretty good at those if I leave the door open for a while.

  3. Those tool sheds are becoming more and more scarce. Not around here, where we are dedicated DIY people, but I notice far fewer handy types in the neighborhood!

  4. I don't have sheds, but my garage resembles one and so do my closets. It would be hard to find a specific tool anywhere. Sob. Love your poem!!

  5. Sheds are indeed a blessing - tool or garden variety, it matters not! LOL.

  6. Ha! Sounds exactly like my tool shed! Great take on the prompt, Jacqui.

  7. Wonderful observation - I need at least three and two garages!

    Anna :o]

    PS But you might need (it) one day!

  8. Yes, a well documented tool-shed. Yours is not alone, I feel sure.


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