Monday, August 29, 2011

His Kisses and Snowflakes

His Kisses and Snowflakes

Night, you gentle seducer
What comforts do you offer me
Beyond dreams made long ago
And those which may never be.

For these I leave this fragile reality
To wander with the moon gods
Across clouds of snowflakes
A world made to melt with the dawn.

Dreams of his kisses and snowflakes
Like so much glitter from a long ago Valentine
And yet I take this luminescent hand
Following it to my night's bed.

To dream of past kisses
While snowflakes fall onto his golden head
Embracing this fragile happiness
And awake with only glitter in my arms.

Oh, night, seduce me again
Lead me from this tarnished future
And let me play with yesterday again
As snowflakes fall to our laughter.

Let not the dawn awake me
From the sweet memory of his kiss
Let not the day leave me
With just glitter to sweep from the floor.

J. Binford-Bell
August 2011


  1. vividly beautiful, Jacqui! I really enjoyed reading this one! very nice!

    My entry for this week:

  2. Very interesting blog. Invite you to me :-)

  3. Very well done. I like your closing lines very strong.

  4. you impress me.

    superb write.

    Happy Poetry picnic.

  5. nice one! glad to be of acquaintance. my entry if you have time..

  6. Hi, I have enjoyed exploring your many creative and interesting things to see. I am on a slow Internet provider so forgive me for not commenting on all. But I like your work very much....powerful and beautiful! hugs, pat


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