Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Talk of cold

Ice on the Coyote
Talk of cold

I would like to talk today of cold
the cold that seems to go to your very soul
the sun seems to have no warmth
and the wind steals what little there is.

Long johns and sweats
shawls and lap robes
a roaring fire that gives no heat
zero, less than zero.

Another cup of hot tea
more fuel for the body to run on
more logs for the fire
a hoodie under the shawl.

I would like to talk of cold today
but my teeth seem clinched against it
my fingers numb deep in my pockets
the thermostat says the house is warm.

But my very marrow is chilled
listening to the wind howl outside
the crackle of the fire
the whistle of the kettle.

All are of no use.
It is so cold.

J. Binford-Bell
December 2011

The weather station says this is the coldest it has been in 40 years for this time of year. Even the dogs don't want to go out and walk. The Stellar Jay has fluffed itself up to a big blue ball waiting for its turn at the feeder. How cold is it? the old joke goes but I am to cold to remember the answer.


  1. Outside

    Lake so dark
    I can't see into it
    swallows the sliver of Moon
    as clouds roll through to
    cover the sky.
    Quiet, simple.
    No life; nor conflict.

    Meaning is that quality allowing sensation
    to mature into sense.
    Sudden chill wind requires response.
    I turn
    back, front, crouched down
    into my own shelter.
    Why am I not safe in a heated
    room, exploring pleasure?
    Context quotes:
    "That was another stream,
    a dream not taken."
    No road enters here --
    circle closed, unyielding.
    Stories, fading candles, flicker.
    Sweet wealth of warmth.
    My fingers draw ritual from
    patient water.
    Sensation condenses.
    Sense evaporates.
    Scent of warm breath.
    Taste of cold wind.
    Wet, dark, silent.
    Outside of meaning.

  2. BBbbrrrrrr ... thanks for the reminder ... so pleased I'm in sunny Florida. No sign of snow here.
    Yayyyyy ...!!!!

  3. This is cool, not cold mind you ;-) but well written.

  4. I dislike those days where it is so cold even the warm inside seems not to exist. Very nice write, Jacqui.


  5. a hot write on coldness.

    well done,

  6. a chilly read :) Nice use of description. Your artwork is just AMAZING by the way! ♥


  7. To speak of Winter is to speak of 'cold' and sometimes it seems there is no warmth to be had. Nicely written.

  8. This is great, I know thw feeling, well done, thank you, much appreciated, WS

  9. It's hard to talk when your teeth are clenched, isn't it? Hope things warm for your soul soon...

    Spirit of Christmas

  10. This reminds me of someone trapped in a memory...
    Beautiful wordsmithery!


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