Monday, December 26, 2011

Like a River

Like a River

In the last couple of years my sister and I have been through some major life events. It has resulted for us in changes in some of the traditions we have held for a few years. And we are making new traditions like the Christmas Day photography expedition. Last year was Ocate to Hidden Lakes and beyond. This year was Cimarron to Ponil Creek and up to the Elliot S. Barker Wildlife Management area. Don't tell anyone we were looking for the road to Dawson. Expeditions are like life: you take what you get. And sometimes what you get is better than what you had planned. Even if it does not seem that way at first.

Like a River

My life has flowed
Or stalled
threatened to jump the banks
Or dwindled to a trickle.

Still it flows on
Heading to the sea
dancing in celebration
Or slipping beneath the ice.

Over the rocks
through the trees
Or under a fallen log.

The waters flow
Remembering only the rain
knowing not where they go
Or how long the trip.

Babbling along
Or silently flowing
reflecting its path in its surface
holding to its journey.

No matter what comes
Still water
Shallow or deep
heading to the sea.

J. Binford-Bell
December 2011

Posted on The Poetry Palace Rally. And winner of the Perfect Poet award.

What a kick
Great way to begin the year
Now to sustain the momentum 
Move forward
Not fall back.

Begins with a Promise
And long way to go.


I nominate Mystic Mountain's poem Labyrinth Reflection


  1. A beautiful poem, Jacqui. The most profound statement on the post, however: "And sometimes what you get is better than what you had planned." So true!

  2. we are heading somewhere... and it's all at different currents at different times...

    lovely poem... very touching!


  3. water, the pic, some of the metaphors blended in, so interesting! :)
    happy gooseberry day!!

  4. Vivid piece...flow on poet...flow on.

  5. Being a tributary, I join you in expectation of the sea.

  6. LOVE this, Jacqui ... from start to finish!! The photography is beautiful as well!

    Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!!

  7. Well done, a lovely poem that moves me.

  8. Lovely, flowing verses - though I was quite distracted by admiration of your paintings. As an enamel artist I drooled over the rich colours, particularly the oranges - they are so difficult in fused glass.

  9. keep your spirits high,

    lovely imagery.
    Happy New Year.

  10. A poem with beautifully word-painted images and emotional depth.

    You are quite skilled in poetry and photography, it seems, as your photo is also wonderful. Good work on both counts.

  11. I really like this, I like the way you have chosen to group your images, and the natural extension from one set to the next. The only thing I might change, would be to turn the "or" in the final line of each stanza into an "and" - which continues the narrative, instead of interrupting it, in a more unbroken and flowing fashion correlative to your theme and image of the river. But that's a very minor thing and could very easily simply be a stylistic preference. ;o) Here's my offering this week: happy rally!

  12. So true... I haven't noticed that before, but you made me realize how much life reminds me of a river.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.