Friday, February 17, 2012

The Art of Acceptance

After Dark
I have in my six decade past practiced theatrics, been a freelance writer, and of course an artist and now a photographer. Even my straight job, as a project control engineer, seemed to rest on a selection process and a win or lose decision out of my hands once I auditioned, sent in my copy, entered the art work, or submitted my job resume.

You would think I must love living on pins and needles. Not. I try not to get invested in the outcome. But the more victories under my belt the more I obsess about failure. Tomorrow is the judging of the Moreno Valley Arts Council Winter show. And hopefully in the next day or two is the notification of another show to which I submitted three pieces for consideration. And what I have done all day is rethink all of that.

Bygone elections
I have been looking through my photo files and coming up with those I should have submitted as opposed to those I did. Or perhaps I should have been painting things instead. Once photography was just a step to a painting. I find myself looking at the first photography and imagining a painting of it.

Or maybe I should have submitted another car. My junkers always get in.

Junkyard Dog

In fact my cars win prizes. Though it is my landscapes that get the oohs and aahs from the public. And animal photographs that sell.

Good Morning Elk

Art is expensive these days. Exhibitions are even more so. Prize money is much less then before because companies are not coming up with as much in sponsorship nor organizations as much grant money. The first place I originally won had only glory attached.

But it is one of the cheapest ways to advertise that I am still out there. Still painting (well, need to paint) and still turning out awesome photographs that are winning prizes. I just need enough financial encouragement to pay for frames, printing and antacid.

Help! At least make comments and help me keep my mind off of the approaching decisions.

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