Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Circus

Circus Horse Rider by Marc Chagall

The Circus

Is once again in town
Erecting its make believe world
inside a much traveled tent.

The circus has arrived
amid much fan fare and applause
horse and rider circle the ring.

The circus is here
all the clowns parade at the end
me in the wrong color costume.

J. Binford-Bell
May 2012

Clown in Yellow Costume by Marc Chagall

This poem was inspired by Magpie Tales and the Clown in the Yellow Costume. And the many fantasy works by artist Mark Chagall. Reviewing his work while thinking about the poem forming in my head has also hatched some creative ideas for paintings. Artists should never close themselves off from other artists' works. Nor should they copy except as an exercise.

The Painter by Marc Chagall


  1. ha that last line is a cincher for me...not fitting in at the circus is a bit crazy...smiles....and here i thought maybe the politicians were in town...smiles.

  2. Comparing the two paintings, I can see how Mr. Clown in yellow came up feeling a bit under-dressed! Nice.

  3. Oh, I just love your first stanza. It speaks volumes.

  4. Love your choice of circus rider - Chagall on a happy day?
    Great last line, BTW...

  5. Oh, this poem is so insightful! I love the honesty of the first stanza, the talent of the second stanza and the self inclusion of the third stanza. A wonderful write, Jacqui. Thanks for sharing. =D

  6. Oh I hate when that happens! This was excellent, and the other picture you offered us, is kind of more what his colors were more often...thanks for the added info!

  7. "me in the wrong color costume"


  8. Nothing worse than being in the wrong costume. Ha
    Wonderfully written

  9. Thought provoking ending...nice...

  10. Great are you found.
    Great ending, too.


  11. Who fits in at the circus? A novel thought and clever piece!

  12. nothing worse that mis-reading the circus memo! Nice one!

  13. I like the way you've given Chagall a bit of extra space. Good that you did!

  14. This has a very lunar and ethereal feel to it


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