Monday, May 21, 2012

Offshore gas leak plug 'success'

The BBC Reports: The operation to plug the gas leak on the Elgin Platform in the North Sea has been a success according to oil Firm Total.

The company's platform, 150 miles east of Aberdeen, was evacuated when the gas began leaking on Sunday 25 March.


Beneath the deep blue sea
the earth sprung a leak
ancient gases escaped
maybe those that killed the dinosaurs
bubbled up from the sea floor.

On the sea
nobody spoke
experts whispered
men in steel toed boots tiptoed to avoid sparks
the media was kept in the dark.

It's plugged they now say
we did not go off like a skyrocket
or fall on a deflated balloon
this space platform where we reside
sprung a leak
because someone poked a hole 
looking for oil.

J. Binford-Bell
May 2012


  1. seems anything if forgiven if it involves money and oil ...loved the flow of this ...thank you for sharing x

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  3. Thanks for commenting on my poem- and I enjoy your posts and photos- here's another for you:


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