Friday, May 18, 2012

Playing around with departures from the norm

Getting back into painting I am trying out new subjects, new techniques and some new media. This poppy and bud is done with my usual liquid watercolor on cradled gessoed panel. And then I added highlights with my new oil sticks I am playing around with.

This was the painting before the addition of the oil sticks. One of the differences which does not show in a photograph is the slight texture the oil adds to the surface. I got this new medium in order to add selective texture to my paintings and this poppy was just the first place I played around with it. I plan to use them more extensively in my Route 66 painting still in progress.

Route 66 unfinished

What has been thus far painted will most likely remain just watercolor. The car in antique car in the foreground will be first painted in watercolor and then worked with the oil sticks. My hope is to create a sense of dimension through the texture in the foreground and the lack of it in the background.

It is interesting to be working with new subjects and new techniques and materials. But it does slow progress down a bit. I find myself doing more thinking about what to do next rather than actually applying paint to canvas. This painting is 16 x 23 and is on stretched canvas.

In answer to a question from a fan, yes, I do paint bigger but on new subjects I generally start out small. This allows me to work out the details without huge expanses of surface to work. And it gives me the small studies to sell for those customers that want something that fits into the suitcase or their budget.

This picture which is 8 x 8 I am hoping to do with some changes in a larger size. I want to change the moon to the ring of fire and have the raven picking a "pearl" out of the ring. The raven and his rock perch will be worked with oil over watercolor. There are also some other changes. I have an 18 x 18 canvas stretched for it and am now working on the sketch.

"I paint what cannot be photographed, that which comes from the imagination or from dreams, or from the unconscious drive." Man Ray


  1. It is always such a privilege to see a true artist work through their process. You might enjoy the blog of my cyber friend Eileen van der Merwe.
    Apart from the camels that are her main living she does the most sensuous flowers.

  2. I will look her up. I love sharing with other artists

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