Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 18 - 2014 in Review

Day 120
This was the week my desktop was still plagued by an apphang issue which did not allow my Corel Paintshop Pro photo editing software to open. I was uploading my photos from my camera to my aged laptop which had Adobe 5 on it. For those not in the know on photo editing software Adobe 5 heralds from 2006. Suffice it to say that Adobe and software photo editing programs in general have advanced a lot. I did, however, find several of my old favorite options I got to re-explore.

Because I had absolutely no idea when the desktop would be totally functional again I uploaded my photos from the laptop to a draft of this blog. I have seldom taken full advantage of the draft option on Blogspot. May use it more extensively in the future.

Day 121 - Happy May Day in New Mexico
With the desktop incapacitated and my right eye on the mend I was looking at the world rather differently. And besides it was spring. Elk are playing in the meadows and geese mating in the ponds and snow gracing the high mountain peaks (and occasionally low).  I was enthralled I could see 20/20 in my right eye and aware the left eye would soon need the same surgery.

Day 122
The elk and the geese in the same photo was a gift. No, this one was not photoshopped. And both allowed me to roll down the window (elk and geese hate that sound) and snap the photo below with my new 55-300 mm lens. As I drive this way daily the animals are very used to my car.

Day 123
And more geese. Well, actually the same geese but edited with my Corel program. I just wanted to see what the difference would be. And not that much really. Yes, the computer got fixed. Turned out it was an Internet Explorer issue. No, I do not use Internet Explorer and for this very reason. But it seems a lot of my software uses parts of it as a step up. Only with the flaw in IE software the step was gone. I had a total of five programs that were effected including the Windows Fix program I got for this very issue. Good news, is they fixed it.

Day 124

My sister is the master of macro photos but now and again I must try my hand or camera at one. This one was taken with my 55-300 mm lens. I had discovered in my film days that a long zoom lens often takes very good macro photos if you can get far enough away from your subject. My old long lens was 70-300 which often required a real long way off. Did not have to sit in the potted plants behind me to get this one with the new lens.

Day 125

This was one of the photos I redid the editing of. I never save over the original for a multitude of reasons. Taking a second pass on the editing is just one of those reasons. I knew when I edited it on Adobe 5 I could do it better on Corel 5x. The photo below is of a distant volcanic peak on the eastern plains of New Mexico near Raton

Day 126

New camera, new lens, new eye and back to my favorite programs on the cleaned up desktop. If you want to see the day by day postings of my photos check out Binford-Bell Studio on Facebook.

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