Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 21 - 2014 in Images

Day 141

The late spring snow put me in the need for flowers. Thankfully green houses and studios were able to provide them for me. Inside flowers are a great subject. No went to ruffle their petals and close to the tripod if you wish to set one up. You can also alter lighting or move the subject to a different background.

I confess to not using a tripod as much as the authorities would recommend. Having done outside landscape photography from a 4 x 4 jeep for years I have gotten to be an accomplished master on finding objects to brace myself and my camera on or against. First photo was the butt/feet, knees/elbows tripod. Being able to get in and out of that position quickly is my physical fitness program.

Day 142

Painfully sharp focus was really not a necessity for the photo above. I used the straddle the chair and balance on the elbows on back of chair tripod pose for this one. Then I played with it in post processing to get the riot of color feeling.

Day 143

The first orchid was photographed in place but I moved the second orchid for a better background. In post processing I blurred the edges to get the attention to the star of the photo.

Day 144

I said there would be more snow pictures. When you get an event such as the May 13th snow storm you take a lot of pictures. And frankly I find it difficult to blow a snow photo. I confess there will even be a couple in next week's review.

Day 145

I initially took the mud picture to emphasis what us locals call the mud and flood season the rest of the nation calls spring. But when I got it home and uploaded to the computer I was entranced with all the tracks in the mud and remnants of snow. My studded snow tires, the two sizes of tires on the front end loader, and the driver's truck to get to work.

Day 146

This one was a study in patterns and best in black and white. The sculpted snow atop the metal roof and the electrical wires make for an interesting abstract.

Day 147

My little country road. I obviously was not the first up and out that day, and the car that was had some difficulty with negotiation of the mud and very wet snow.

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